The Shaolin Temple has a rich history and philosophy. Shifu Shi Yan Ming seeks to share the Shaolin philosophy and practice. The USA Shaolin Temple provides access to classes through in-person group classes, in-person private lessons, seminars, and online (via Patreon). The training is designed for students of all levels, backgrounds, and athletic ability. 

Shaolin martial arts and kung fu classes in NYC

Training in the following disciplines is offered at Temple:


Kung Fu is the most aerobic of the arts offered at the USA Shaolin Temple. There is no belt system but there is testing and students are awarded certificates. Students learn stretching, stances, kicks, jumps, movements, and empty hand and weapons forms. All new Kung Fu members begin in Level 1, regardless of skill or previous experience.


Taiji Quan was originally and still can be a fighting art. Today it is more commonly practiced to keep one’s good health and stimulate the movement of chi or life force. It is strengthening and meditative. The movements are slow, fluid and mostly soft. Shaolin Tai Chi is most akin to the Chen style.

QIGONG (Chi Kung)

Qigong strengthens the body and unblocks the flow of chi. Students begin with Yijinjing, a soft qigong form, very similar to yoga, that was one of the four original forms created by Bodhidharma to help rejuvenate the monks after hours of seated meditation. Its stances are similar to yoga. Although not as active as Kung Fu or Tai Chi, it strengthens the body internally and externally.


Shifu Shi Yan-Ming teaches his students Chan Buddhism and the history of Shaolin Temple. This class is open to all students of the Temple.


Each weekday from 4pm to 5pm, children have the opportunity to study Shaolin martial arts at the USA Shaolin Temple.

For more information, you can request a brochure or contact Temple directly.