1. Greet and take your leave of Shifu and students with “Amituofo.”
2. Bow and say “Amituofo” before and after doing a form for Shifu.
3. Respect your fellow students.
4. Remove your shoes before entering the Temple
5. Sign in before each class.
6. Do not be late for class.
7. Do not talk during class.
8. Do not gossip.
9. Do not judge others; judge only yourself.
10. Do not use profanity.
11. Do not wear a hat inside the Temple.
12. Do not chew gum in class.
13. Do not leave your personal belongings at the Temple.
14. Do not pick up any equipment, weapons, or books without asking Shifu first.
15. Do not use Shifu’s phone or sit at his desk.
16. Do not teach or ask to be taught by other students.
17. Do not lean on the walls or sit down during class unless stretching.
18. Do not sit with your back to the altar.
19. Wash your hands before handling any Buddhist literature.
20. Do not put Buddhist literature on the floor.
21. If you see something wrong or out of place in the Temple, fix it.
22. You are welcome in the Temple as in your home; respect it as such.
Before I was born, who was I?
After I am born, who am I?
Respect yourself, and everyone will respect you.
Understand yourself, and everyone will understand you.
There are mirrors all around you:
Strive to see and understand yourself.
Strive to have the heart of a Buddha.
Stop doing bad things, only do good.
Do whatever you can to help others.
In these ways you help yourself.
Help yourself, and you help the world.