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Plan a class trip to the temple or invite the temple to your campus! Enrich your students with a Shaolin martial arts and philosophy cultural experience.

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Donate. Help us help the world!

With your help, the philosophy will be able to survive, and thrive! Your generosity will allow Shifu to provide lessons in Ch’an philosophy year-round on Shaolin land. Your love will help Temple provide a home to a beautiful altar and meditation room. It would allow Temple to host joyous ceremonies, like weddings, birthdays, and seminars.

Online Courses

Shifu’s Shaolin Martial Arts online courses are designed for you to practice and improve your health anytime, anywhere. The movements will increase flexibility, cardiovascular & immune health, calm the mind & more.


 Learn Shaolin Martial Arts with Shifu in a livestream class format! You can access over 125+ previously streamed classes of qi gong, taiji quan, weapons, forms, calligraphy and more!

Private Lessons

The temple offers private lessons for students who prefer to learn one to one. Shifu is also available for media appearances, speaking at seminars, or other corporate workshops.