88 Buddhas Sutra


The following sutra, commonly referred to as the 88 Buddhas, is typically recited after evening class on odd numbered days at the Shaolin Temple. On even days, the Amituo Jing (Amitabha Sutra) would be recited. There are many sutras, and there are no sutras – just like in martial arts training, there are many styles, and there are no styles. Why do we pray, or recite sutras? Everyone is different. At the highest level, nothing can be everything, and everything can be nothing. For example. traditionally monks trained “Yi ju yi bo”, they used only one robe and one bowl for alms gathering.

If you believe in Buddha, we have a million, billion different Buddhas to help people through their lives. If you don’t believe, we don’t have it. Just like all religions and philosophies, there are living Buddhas, living Gods, living Jesus Christs all around us, guiding people and helping them continue on and express their paths. All of the great leaders helping people, you can see it, you can hear it, those are living Buddhas, living Boddhisattvas. Understand why we pray – in all the religions, people pray for the same thing – for peace, for love, for respect, to help people. Only do good things, don’t do bad. Do whatever you can to help others. By helping others, you help yourself. Help yourself, and you help the world.

Study Confucious, but don’t let Confucious confuse you. Open your mind, open your heart and express your life 100% honestly all the time.