Shi Yong Qian is Shi Yan Ming’s Shifu. He was born in Linru village, today part of Ruzhou City, very close to the Shaolin Temple. Like Yan Ming, Yong Qian also entered the temple at a young age. He was the first monk to come to the temple after the six who protected the temple during the turmoil of the revolution, namely Abbot Shi Xingzheng, Shi Wanheng, Shi Suxi, Shi Suyun, Shi Dechan, and Shi Miaoxing.
He was Abbot Xingzheng’s first disciple, and is the oldest of the 33rd generation at Shaolin Temple, called “Da Shixiong” (Big Older Brother) by those of the same generation. While he does not train martial arts, his training and understanding of Chan philosophy is vast. He still lives inside the Shaolin Temple today.