Shifu Shi Yan Ming teaches seminars on Shaolin Martial Arts/Ch’an Buddhism, which includes the disciplines of Gongfu, Taiji, Qigong & much more to audiences all around the world. Shifu’s goal is make Ch’an Philosophy available to all who desire to grow and learn.

The USA Shaolin Temple has a complete program adapted for different countries, including translators in Spanish, German, Russian, Cantonese and French whom also are students to understand deeply what Shifu wants to share. Shifu can teach seminars in his native language, Chinese or English.

We also have a team ready to share experiences on organizing seminars all over the world from who you may learn great tips and how to organize properly. In addition to international seminars, Shifu has also been invited to numerous government organizations as well as corporations to teach or make a speech. Some of our previous corporate & government seminars include: 

  • United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland
  • United Nations HQ in New York
  • Harvard University
  • Rubin Museum of Art
  • John Lennon’s Educational Tour Bus
  • Tazo Tea Camp with the RZA
  • Nike HQ Runner’s Workshop
  • Facebook HQ Class
  • Guild of Music Supervisors & more.

For more information and arrangements for either international or corporate seminars, feel free to contact us. For specific regions or language, please feel to contact our Mexico or Austria temple to facilitate conversation and translation. We look forward to connecting! Amituofo.

USA Shaolin Temple
102 Allen Street
New York City, NY 10002  
Phone: 212.358.7876

USA Shaolin TempleOficina en Español  
Acoxpa 343  Coyoacán. México 14370
Phone: +525556735682

USA Shaolin TempleDeutsche
Invalidenstraße 5-7, 1030 Wien | Österreich
Phone: +43 (0) 677 612 638 19

Shifu speaking at the US Naval Academy.


Shifu traveling in Mexico for his annual seminar.


Shifu and disciples in Argentina.


Shifu and disciples in Austria.


Workshop with Camp TAZO & the RZA.