• By Shi Heng Xian and Shi Heng Yi

Bokeem Woodbine (Spiderman’s Shocker) also known as Shi Heng Ru is back for his regular training at the USA Shaolin Temple! Bokeem became Shifu Shi Yan Ming’s disciple a long time ago and has been an active supporter of the Temple ever since. Ru’s has been away from his Shaolin family for a while due to his work. For years he has been traveling all around to wherever his latest role take him.

Ru and Shifu have always been close. While away he always made a point to come and visit his home Temple in NYC. He has accompanied Shifu to his temple in Mexico many times. He was interviewed for the National Geographic documentary “Kung Fu Monk” and many others.

Bokeem Woodbine has been an actor most of his life. He has played many amazing roles. One of his most recent roles was “The Shocker” at Spiderman and as the philosophic gangster Mike Milligan on the second season of Fargo. For his performance in the series, he won a Black Reel Award and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award and a Critics’ Choice Television Award. He also portrayed Daniel in season 2 of the WGN series Underground and Herman Schultz/Shocker in the film Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This week ShiFu Shi Yan Ming and his disciples were very happy to see Ru sweating with his brothers in the USA Shaolin Temple NYC. Looks like he is back for a while! Or at least  until hollywood claims him again.

For the people from the USA Shaolin Temple was exciting to see one more time the “Shocker” entering the class at the tone of  Omitofo !!