October 24th, 2017 Shifu Shi Yan Ming and the Shaolin Temple Mexico A.C. captivated international media with their annual Shaolin seminar in Mexico. Over 160 participants from seven different countries came to celebrate life and train hard.

Small delegations from Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, the United States, Austria and China joined the Mexican martial arts practitioners to celebrate and train with this great teacher.The three-day retreat focused mainly on the authentic body strengthening techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong and his philosophy of life imparted directly by “the monk Shaolin who has left everyone behind” -History Channel
Throughout the event there was an atmosphere of brotherhood and since the main attendants besides Mexicans were South Americans, the Latin warmth was felt by all.

This amazing seminar also served to unite the communities of Latin America in their desire to bring shifu to their countries. Plans to bring Shifu across South America in the near future are now underway.

This year’s Mexico seminar was truly wonderful. The love and interest expressed by everyone is what inspired Shifu Shi Yan Ming to expand his teachings throughout South and Central America. The future is bright and will soon have an amazingly distinct Latin flare.

We hope to see you again, dear friends, and that once again this year we will have the opportunity to experience the authentic Shaolin experience again!


For more information about ShiFu in Mexico visit the Shaolin Temple Mexico official website at www.kungfu.com.mx