Baby Leopard Fist Seminar

Since the founding of Shaolin Temple in 495 AD it has become legendary throughout the world for the unique blend of martial arts or Chan Buddhism that is practiced within it’s walls. Bodhidharma’s arrival at the Temple changed it’s place in history dramatically in that he was the first to formally create the link between the philosophy and the martial arts. In doing this he introduced the famous five animal styles (dragon, tiger, leopard, crane, and snake) that are so idolized in cinema .

On March 5th Shifu Shi Yan Ming taught a seminar sharing his knowledge with over 50 participants. The seminar lasted for four hours, and everyone was thrilled to be learning one of the original animal forms. The day was even more special because the event was a fundraiser for the Capital Campaign. The Campaign’s goal is to build a full-sized, authentic Shaolin Temple in upstate New York where people can live and train. For more information, please see the Campaign section of the website.