Beyond Human Endurance – Discovery Channel

January 1, 2003

In Beyond Human Endurance, a Discovery Channel Documentary, we span the globe and see the human body pushed to amazing extremes. Travel to New York, where Shaolin Monk, Shifu Shi Yan Ming, from China’s Henan Province immerses his hand in sub-freezing water and breaks boards on his torso – without even flinching. In India, meet a group of Sadhu holy men who sit in a ring of fire, quietly meditating while flames rage mere inches away from their skin. And follow a unique extremist as he subjects himself to self-mutilation during the curious Easter week rites of the Philippine village, San Pedro Cutud. Witness the impressive physical and mental methodologies behind these stunning triumphs of the will and learn how these mere mortals can withstand the most excruciating pain imaginable.

Beyond Human Endurance

Shi Yan Ming kicks bag


Doctor measures heart rate. Prof. Richard Chapman, Ph.D

Prof. Richard Chapman, Ph.D


Prof. Richard Chapman, Ph.D and Shi Yan Ming at the Temple.


Spear to the throat.

Spear to the throat.


Breaking a brick and spear in the throat. Shaolin Monk.


Shi Yan Ming demonstrates the effect of chi of the body. In this photo, a student uses a brick to break two stone slabs against Shifu’s upper back, while bending two spears that are set into his neck. During this demonstration, a doctor measures Shifu’s blood pressure and heart rate.


Heart rate measured


Breaking a board over the arm.

Breaking a board over the arm.