Brooklyn School of Collaborative Studies Visits the Temple for a Kung Fu Class


Brooklyn School of Collaborative Studies Takes a Kung Fu Class at the Temple

Andrew Boorstyn, a teacher at the Brooklyn School of Collaborative Studies called the temple to see if we could hold a Kung Fu class for his students. Some of his students chose to do different cultural activities that day, but for 1 hour, a small dedicated group of teens came to the temple to train kung fu. We did some basic kicks, jumps, and movements.

Out of all the comments, we overheard from the students as they trained a few showed us that the kids inherently got the philosophy of training. Weither it be Kung Fu, or another physical activity, one student said “Keep it happy”.  Yes, that is right.  Keep what you are doing, a happy experience- make sure you focus on the positive and embue your actions with a sense of positive purpose.  

One student remarked that one of the kung fu stretches that we do, would be great before basketball practice.  Yes, it would be great to do all the time! Stretch your body for life.  Remember a flexible body, and flexible mind go together.

Another gem that was overheard, was “it’s easier to focus when I keep my eyes on the dragon”. Yes, that is right. Use your eyes when you train. Keep your brain active and attentive. Your eyes and brain are muscles that needs to be worked along with your body.  Have eyes all over your head and be aware of what is happening around you.  Use them to focus, use them to show intent, use them to try and see what is beyond the horizon.  Have your eyes on the dragon- be like the dragon.