Canadian High School students visit with Shifu Shi Yan Ming

At the USA Shaolin Temple Shifu Shi Yan Ming brings to life an environment where people are constantly immersed in Shaolin Chan and Shaolin martial arts. Here you have no choice but to breathe it in. It becomes a part of you. This is evidenced from his students training there regularly right down to the mail man who returns Shifu’s greeting of “Merry Christmas!” with “Happy New Year!” as he leaves off the days mail.

Oliver Gessner knew this was just the kind of experience he wanted for students at the high school where he works in Canada. While on a trip here to New York City he reorganized the student’s schedule so that they would be able to have a real life encounter with a 34th Generation Shaolin Monk. The students that came with him now have locked into their heart and mind a true experience of Shaolin. One that could never be created in any other way and I am sure one that they will never forget.

Canada High School visits Shaolin