Demo Team performs at Ong Bak premiere

Tony Jaa jump kick at Ong Bak premiereThe USA Shaolin Temple demo team was invited to perform at the sold out Ong Bak premiere in Times Square on Feb. 26th 2005. It was a tremendously exciting event sponsored by Sahamongkol Films International and hosted by infamous RZA of the WuTang. The evening was a martial art lover’s dream starting out with a dynamic and theatrical demonstration of Shaolin Kung Fu performed by the USA Shaolin Temple demo team. When the Team took their seats the lights dimmed and we watched Ong Bak shown for the first time in the US on the big screen. Long after the popcorn was finished the credits rolled to clapping and yells from the audience. Tony Jaa and the films director, Prachya Pinkaew, took the stage to answer some questions from the audience. At the conclusion of which Tony Jaa invited his training team up and they performed a series of remarkable Muay Tai and gymnastic feats. After seeing Tony Jaa kick a bag of popcorn 10 feet in the air I truly believe the director when he says all the stunts in the film were real. Everyones efforts came together in the end to create a beautiful opening night for the US premiere of this wonderful movie.

RZA Hosts Ong Bak premiere
USA Shaolin Temple Demo Team at Ong Bak premiereUSA Shaolin Temple Demo Team at Ong Bak premiereTony Jaa at Ong Bak premiereTony Jaa at Ong Bak PremiereUSA Shaolin Temple Demo Team with Tony Jaa