Demo Team Performs at Tribeca Film Festival, May 2006

The USA Shaolin Temple Demo Team performs at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival in May 2006.

Shaolin Temple Demo Team

Each year, the demo team is invited to perform at the Tribeca Film / Family Festival in the early spring. On May 6th, a beautiful, sunny day hundreds of people gathered to experience the world famous Tribeca Film and Family Festival held in New York City. On the main stage, the USA Shaolin Temple demo team performed a demonstration of authentic Shaolin martial arts including forms such as “Xiao Hong Quan”, “Xiao Bao Quan”, and Mantis. The performance was followed by an encore performance of acrobatics and jumping assaults.

Demo performance Shaolin

Just like class, the demo team begins and ends each performance by saying Amituofo.

Demo team performance: Irwin Chen

Teddy Yamashita