Harvard Dharma Talk

34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk Shi Yan Ming recently made history by becoming the first Shaolin monk to speak at Harvard University. Accepting an invitation to discuss Chan Buddhism at the Harvard Divinity School, Shifu used the opportunity to introduce both Harvard’s general student population and also the general Harvard Buddhist community to Shaolin Temple history and Chan philosophy. Traveling from the USA Shaolin Temple in NYC, Shifu was accompanied by several students and disciples on his trip to Harvard. The group made a quick stop in Boston’s Chinatown for lunch, then it was on to Harvard for the dharma talk.

Like a living book, Shi Yan Ming has amassed over 25 years of study in Shaolin Temple martial arts and Chan Buddhism and proved an invaluable asset to the many interested people who attended the lecture. The Divinity School expressed an appreciation for the Shaolin monk and his understanding of Chan philosophy by offering these lectures as a recurring event to their students and community. Shifu feels this is a great honor for both himself and the USA Shaolin Temple, and is looking forward to his next visit, the dates of which will be announced in this space. Because Shaolin Temple saved his life, Shi Yan Ming feels it is part of his mission to help spread the dharma, help others the way Shaolin Temple helped him, and so in keeping with that mission he feels it is important to share with the world the treasures of Shaolin Temple philosophy and martial arts. It is his firm belief that an understanding of Chan principles can help bring peace to an otherwise troubled world.