Korea’s Arirang TV Films Segment at USA Shaolin Temple

Arirang TV, Korea’s global TV station, recently filmed a segment for their show “Dream It: You are the next generation” at the USA Shaolin Temple highlighting award-winning concert pianist and martial artist Elaine Kwon. The show highlights successful Korean Americans in a diverse array of fields from game development to firefighting to boxing. In the episode, Ms. Kwon is shown training during a class at the temple, and Shifu Shi Yan Ming is interviewed.

Elaine has been training at the USA Shaolin Temple for 5 years, and is a five-time USA Taekwondo Forms Champion. She has a doctorate of musical arts in piano performance, teaches a piano lab at MIT, and has performed solo, concerto, and chamber music concerts throughout the US and internationally.


The episode is available on demand after a free registration on Arirang’s website here.