Master Shi De Yang Comes for a Visit

Shaolin Temple Monk Shi De Yang came to the United States for a visit with friends, stopping off first in Las Vegas for a holiday party with the Russbo team, then heading out to points east. Monk Shi De Yang was born in 1968 in Taikang, Henan Province, China. When he was 9 years old he was brought to the Shaolin Temple where he learned Shaolin Gong Fu and Ch’an Buddhism from Grandmaster Shi Su Xi. Master De Yang is Shifu Shi Yan Ming’s martial brother, and soon after they met in Shaolin temple they became close friends. After spending a few days enjoying the excitement of Las Vegas, Master De Yang flew out to Washington D.C. where he was met by Shifu Shi Yan Ming. The two monks spent the day catching up and visiting such famous places as The National Archives, where the Declaration of Independence is held, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, and other famous historical places. One of the highlights was watching the Presidential Motorcade drive by, and a wave by Mr. Bush himself! After their sightseeing in D.C., Shi De Yang and Shifu Shi Yan Ming stopped off to congratulate a victorious Master Brian Grey, and then it was off to NYC, where Master De Yang got to spend some time exploring some of NYC’s fascinating museums. After a busy day of sightseeing and museum hopping, Shifu Shi Yan Ming’s disciples and students threw a party in Master De Yang’s honor at Il Primitivo, where the monks and students trained Italian style late into the evening with heaping plates of fresh pasta and wonderful special water Italiano, Peronis. Soon it was time to say, “Amitabha,” and Master De Yang took his leave of NYC to return to China and the Shaolin Temple.