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October 21, 2005

Shifu Shi Yan Ming journeyed back to Cuernavaca Mexico in October of 2005 to conduct a second seminar in the traditions of Shaolin, Shaolin Chan Buddhism and Shaolin Martial Arts and to visit with his disciple Shi Heng Yi and the students of the Mexico Branch of the USA Shaolin Temple. The formal sessions of the seminar lasted for three days of intense training but the impact of his stay in Mexico was felt by the media and press and stretched well outside of the martial arts world. Here are a few of the articles that were precipitated by his second visit to Mexico.shaolin master in mexicoShi Yan Ming kung fu kick stance in MexicoShaolin Seminar in Mexico
Shi Yan Ming, monje y actor

Shi Yan Ming en CuernavacaArticle on Shi Yan Ming Seminar in Mexico