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Shaolin Temple

The USA Shaolin Temple would like to announce the successful move to a new location: 446 Broadway 2nd floor. The new Temple location is just blocks away from our last home, which closed its doors on November 30th, 2006. Over the past 10 years the 3rd Floor at 678 Broadway has offered us many celebrations of life, love, pain, sweat and, of course, TRAIN HARDER! With every closure, there presents an opening; as we say good bye to 678 Broadway, we welcome our new home!

While the move happened in a matter of 2 days, there was long preparation before and after. Knowing the lease at 678 Broadway would soon expire, the USA Shaolin Temple began searching for a new space over a year ago. After a long hunt for a new temple, Shifu found 446 Broadway. Walking inside, the space was raw. Electrical wires entangled the awkward piping on the ceiling. Windows were broken, shattered. Industrial size fans encased in metal cages hung attached to the tops of the windows. The fire escape was enclosed in graffiti covered metal. The plaster walls suffering from water damage would crumble by a light pounding. But this was to be the new temple. The space is big and open. Windows line the front and back, great for circulation. The ceilings are so high, staff and other long weapon forms could be used at ease.

Building the temple
Cleaning the New Temple was the first process. The plaster walls were chipped, hammered, pried, scrapped until the brick was exposed. The electrical wires and piping were removed. The metal cages and fans were removed. The gates were taken down and cleaned. Just in debris alone, the temple removed 2.5 tons of plaster and over a mile of electrical wire and piping. Now the temple was ready to begin building.

With numerous trips to Home Depot and other construction supply stores the Temple began to build. New frames for the windows were built and installed. New glass and plexiglass replaced broken windows. Rooms for changing, bathrooms, shower, sink, storage and Shifu’s chamber were framed. A sound proof flooring system was laid in 5 layers: 1 layer of plywood screwed to the floor, 2 layers of corking glued, 1 layer of interlocking plywood, carpeting and bamboo flooring to finish. While the intricate layers of the floor were installed, the ceiling was repaired and in some places replaced with new tin. New electric wiring lined the ceiling to set up the lights. Plumbing for the sink and shower rooms were connected. Sheet rock was hung over the framed rooms to create walls. A couple coats of fresh paint covered the new temple from wall, gates, to ceiling. Two months, mostly Disciples / students who volunteered with the exception of a handful of professionals, working all hours of the clock, the New Temple was ready for the move.

The move was the beginnings of the New Temple. Artists / disciples / students covered the columns with dragons each representing a different element: gold, wood, water, fire, earth. The dragon from 446 Broadway was replicated so it greets you upon arrival.

Construction of Interior

Construction period


Thank you to Shifu’s Disciples, students, families, and friends who have helped us with the relocation process. The USA Shaolin Temple would also like to send thanks to: Shi Heng Zhou for donating the electrical services; Shi Heng Zhi for donating the sound proof flooring system; Dombracht USA for donating all the bathroom fixtures; Interface FLOR Commercial for donating carpet tiles; ICI Paints for donating 35 gallons of finishing paint; Johnsonite for donating rubber transition strips; Innovative Stone for donating Botticino Fiorito marble; Irreplacable Artifacts / Demolition Depot for removing radiators and fans, and Formica Corporation for donating Copper Laminate.

Train harder at the newest location of The USA Shaolin Temple of Manhattan: 446 Broadway 2nd Floor, which is between Grand Street and Howard Street.

Shaolin painted columns - dragon

Finished Temple wall