Next Phase of Construction on Upstate Temple to Begin in May

Now that the snow has melted and spring is here, it’s time to continue putting our hands, hearts, and minds together to build the new Shaolin Temple in upstate New York! The next phase of construction is scheduled to begin on May 1st. For the entire month of May, a core team will be up full time working on the Temple, with teams heading up on weekends from the city to help.

The next phase is going to focus on the interior of the buildings. The barn will be converted into a storage space, and it will be re-roofed. The three lodges will be insulated and have electricity installed, and become guest houses for students. The 2-story farmhouse will be converted into quarters for disciples. Most importantly, one of the larger buildings will be converted into the bath house, and have all of the toilets and showers – a much needed addition to the property!

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