Roadtrip Nation visits the Temple

On July 14th, 2011, several youths from the Roadtrip Nation program visited the USA Shaolin Temple as part of their cross-country journey to interview leaders who have defined their own lives. The three road trippers tried out a class at the temple, and afterwards interviewed Shifu about how he had created his own path in life. They talked about his decision to stay in this country on the last night of the first Shaolin Monks tour of the US, as well as his journey from teaching in a small space above a restaurant in Chinatown with no heat or hot water to the Temple’s purchase of 80 acres of land in upstate New York.

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The purpose of the Roadtrip Nation movement is to help youth find and create their own roads in life by talking with people who have created a life around doing what they love. Their philosophy of “Defining your own road in life instead of traveling down someone else’s” is echoed strongly in Shifu’s message of honestly expressing yourself fully in life.

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