Seminar April 25th 2006, Global Citizens High School Outward Bound

On Tuesday April 25th 2006, New York City Outward Bound brought a group of 19 eighth graders from Hawkens School in Clevland Ohio came to take a seminar at the USA Shaolin Temple to learn about Shaolin Chan Philosophy or Action Meditation. The eighth grade students were participating in a program called “Global Citizens: How Can I Make a Difference?.” Helping the kids build self confidence, self discipline, and faith in themselves through service are part of the program’s goal, and for this reason they chose to introduce the students to a master of Chan Philosophy or Martial Arts, Shifu Shi Yan Ming.

Outward Bound seminar in Shaolin kung fu

About the Seminar:

The seminar consisted of both action meditation and philosophy. The students were encouraged to try action meditation for themselves, which included a warm-up session where Shifu instructed the students on proper stretching techniques and the importance of maintaining a healthy body in order to build a strong spirit. Following the warm-up, Shifu lead the students through a series of basic martial arts techniques, such as Gongbu, Caijiao, Zhengtitui, Waibaitui, Mabu and more. Inherent in the physical techniques are the messages of how to relax and extend the body and sharpen the mind, as well as, learning to not make excuses in your life or be lazy. It is important to develop a strong and happy life and master yourself. The seminar ended with a sit down discussion of Chan Philosophy and the history of the Shaolin Temple, which included a conversation about why Shifu has come to the United States. Shifu explained that he chose to come to New York City, because so many people and so many cultures live in or pass through this city, and it is one of the best places to reach many people and help them express their lives with happiness.

Cai Jao - technique across the floor one line

Seminar for training martial arts

Shifu instructs students

More chi. train harder!

Mabu punch