Seminar for Red Bull Beat Riders

On day 4 of the Red Bull Beat Riders week long dance intensive, Shifu Shi Yan Ming gave a three hour long seminar on Action Meditation or Chan Philosophy. All of the men and women participating in this workshop are accomplished break dancers who come from all around the world to improve and diversify their craft. Shi Yan Ming taught the principals of proper stretching and posture, Shaolin Kung fu basic techniques including kicks, stances, and movements, Tai Chi, and a discussion of ” What is Chi? “.

Info about the workshop – Taken from their website: Red Bull Beat Riders celebrates how different dancers ride the beat: from the power of B-Boying, to the footwork of House, to the combat of Capoeira. Our goal is to bring the community together to push the boundaries of urban dance. Red Bull Beat Riders brings together 30 of the most promising street warriors to train and mix with the legends that helped create and shape this culture. This one week program will cover all major aspects of urban dance including skills, history and business. We are looking for hungry street warriors that want to soak up as much information as possible and who are down with taking on new challenges outside of their comfort zones.

Red Bull Seminar

Red Bull seminar New York

Break dancing and kung fu

Stretching for martial arts

break dancers stretching for martial arts

Red Bull seminar

straight leg front kick demonstration

Kung fu seminar for Red Bull

Gong Bu technique

Tai Chi seminar New York