Shifu Shi Yan Ming Teaches a Seminar in Austria

Shifu Shi Yan Ming visited the Shaolin Temple Austria, a branch of the USA Shaolin Temple, to teach a seminar in Shaolin Kung Fu or Chan Philosophy. The seminar was held at the Temple in Vienna, Austria during the first week of November 2006. Over fifty people participated in the seminar, as it was open to the students of the Austria Temple and the public as well. The seminar began with intensive instruction on proper stretching exercizes, followed by Shaolin Kung fu basics training and eventually leading to an introduction to a kung fu form, Tongbei Quan (Penetrating Fist) and a lesson on Chan philosophy and history.

Shi De Yang, one of Shi Yan Ming’s Shaolin brothers from China, came to Vienna as a surprise to teach day two of the seminar.

Below is a gallery of photos for day one and day two:

Day 1: Shi Yan Ming Seminar
Shaolin Temple AustriaShaolin Temple AustriaShaolin stretchingShaolin leg stretchAustria Shaolin Temple students kickingShaolin stance trainingShaolin form trainingShi Yan Ming teaching seminar in AustriaShi Yan Ming kungfu trainingShaolin Chan Buddhism meditation class

Day 2: Shi De Yang Seminar
Shi De Yang teaching kungfuShi De Yang leads seminar in Vienna, AustriaStudents training at Shaolin Temple AustriaShi De Yang teaching kungfu in Austria