The Hudson Project- Free Kung Fu Class!

 Taken from The Hudson Project FB page-

“The Hudson Project is a three-day event celebrating the very best in today’s music and arts.  With four stages plus a fifth live performance space, interactive art installations, carnival rides, and a wide variety of high-end food or drink, you’ll find everything but a shortage of things to do!  Held at the historic Winston Farm in saugerties, NY- home of the ’94 Woodstock, the inaugural year is set to leave a special mark on the current US festival landscape.”

On July 12th the USA Shaolin Temple Demo Team taught a Kung Fu class at The Hudson Project.  The ground was soft and muddy, the sun was burning, but spirits were high as concert goers learned and practiced basic kicks, strikes, and jumps.  In the midst of all the concert madness, the participants dedication and love was amazing!! There is nothing like training kung fu, then grabbing some beer and brats, and then rocking out to Kendrick Lamar and Moby all on the same day!