Warrior Monk Retreat In Jamaica

The USA Shaolin Temple hosted the first ever Warrior Monk retreat outside of the US at the Negril Escape Resort and Spa in Negril, Jamaica from April 5th through the 11th. Shifu Shi Yan Ming, a 34th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk, led a weeklong seminar sharing the over 1500 years old tradition of Shaolin Martial arts or Chan philosopy. Students trained Taiji Quan (Tai Chi), Qi Gong (Chi Kung) and Gongfu (Kung Fu) every day, taking breaks in between to relax in the beautiful, natural environment of the West End.

One highlight of the trip was visit to Paradise Park, where students enjoyed some outdoors training followed by horseback riding. On Friday night, the students collectively went out to celebrate one student’s birthday at the Jungle nightclub. Everyone represented hard by busting out their Tai Chi and Kung Fu moves on the dance floor. By the time the seminar was over, half of Negril was saying “Amituofo!” and “More Chi, Train Harder!”.