The Gleaner- one of Jamaica’s larges newspapers, visits the USA Shaolin Temple

Shaolin monks are generally associated with incredulous displays of martial arts. But   somewhere along the way, the meditative aspect of the art has been marginalised.

Kung Fu movies abound with captivating feats of daring, mesmerising jumps, stealth, and blows that render combatants lifeless. But a single hour with Sifu (Master) Shi Yan Ming will change long-held opinions about this ancient practice.

Sifu Ming credits a Shaolin Temple in China with saving his life from an incurable ailment when he was five years old. “My mother took me there when all hope for a recovery was dashed. Just setting foot there changed my life,” said Sifu Ming.
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Dr. Glenville Ashby with Shifu Shi Yan Ming. Shifu is flanked by temple students Heng Fa,  and Morgan