After 5 years, Grandmaster Shifu Shi Yan Ming returns to Austria for a weekend seminar with our Austrian Shaolin family!
Shifu was greeted with a festive and celebratory opening ceremony at the Shaolin Chan Wu Chi school of his disciple Shi Heng Yi. The performance included lion dance, childrens kung fu, senior tai chi and of course kung fu forms.
After the ceremony, Shifu facilitated the discipleship of Shi Heng Yi’s students in an amazing ceremony that brought our family closer and extended our lineage.
Before the seminar began, Shifu also toured the beautiful city of Vienna with his guests, including his disciple and director of the Mexico City & Cancun temple, Daniel Corona (Shi Heng Yi). Many students from the USA also accompanied Shifu to Vienna, for a truly global Shaolin family reunion!
The seminar was a great success and every one left feeling fantastic and inspired.
After the seminar, Shifu was taken to Shi Heng Yi’s disicple Shi Miao Jie’s temple in Steyr, Austria. Shifu met with the mayor of Steyr, and took a private tour through the beautiful town of Steyr.
It was a truly amazing trip to connect with our Shaolin family around the world. Many thanks to our beautiful family in Austria for such a wonderful trip and taking such good care of us. We will be back very soon. Amituofo!