Sharpen their blades, sharpen their lives.

Our youth is our future. How we raise them today will define our future generations. As youth is a precious and pure time, it is typical to try to preserve the innocence of youth for as long as possible. However, adulthood is inevitable and the best thing we can do for our children is to prepare them for it as best as we can. Training Shaolin Kung Fu/Martial Arts is an excellent way to teach our youth the fundamental values and skills necessary for the rest of their lives. Here’s why:

  1. Discipline & Responsibility. Every child need a sense of discipline in their lives to be successful adults. Discipline is the foundation of many aspects in life. Whether it is waking up in the morning for school or work, being on time for appointments – all of this takes discipline. In Shaolin Kung Fu, discipline is taught through movement and philosophy. Without discipline, one cannot be successful in their practice. As Shifu teaches, “More Chi, Train Harder” is the key to becoming better at anything. Wake up to train, don’t make any excuses. If you want to find an excuse, you will have a million waiting for you. Whatever is difficult will become easy – if you want to do it; whatever is easy will become difficult – if you don’t want to do it.
  2. Self Confidence & Inner Strength. When you begin to train Shaolin Kung Fu, you will start to recognize the power you have within you. From the powerful kicks to the explosive jumps, it is hard to deny the amazing things you can do with your body. Additionally, while you learn the physical training (or action meditation, as Shifu calls it), you will begin to develop a stronger mind. As you train your body, you will also train your mind. You begin to stand taller, stretch stronger and enter the room with a presence from the confidence you gain with training. When you are confident within, you exude strength to the world around you!
  3. Respect & Understanding of Self. As you train harder, you will discover the challenges that arise mentally and physically during practice. You will explore your boundaries of how hard you can push yourself but also know when to pull back. You will begin to learn to appreciate your body and your precious life. With the kung fu training, Shifu teaches that you must respect yourself for others to respect you. You must understand yourself for others to understand you and with this combined wisdom, you can better understand the world. But first, you must help yourself…and then you can help the world!

Obviously there are many more benefits of training martial arts at any age, but you will just have to try yourself! Start early and develop life-long skills that will be essential for the rest of your life. More chi, train harder!