2018 will be a busy year for ShiFu and his South American followers. For over 13 years ShiFu has visited his disciple Heng Yi in Mexico’s branch of the USA Shaolin Temple. Based on that success ShiFu has establish a Spanish affairs team comprised of himself and the Mexico Shaolin Temple to create new relationships in South American countries and coordinate ShiFu’s events in Spanish.

Chile and Argentina have already benefited from this team, and for 2018 the activity in SA is expected to increase.

These new efforts will bring ShiFu Shi Yan Ming more often to SA and will open the doors for practitioners to learn directly from ShiFu in  Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia  in the first stage. In the second stage  Guatemala, Panama, Peru and El Salvador are prospect to join.

People from all this countries have already got together at the Shaolin Temple Mexico this past October 24 2017 and so talks have started.

Seems like ShiFu will be practicing his Español more often !!

Bienvenido a Sudamerica ShiFu !!!