Temple News


The Rappers’ Monk

Chasing News visited the USA Shaolin Temple.


The Great Big Story Interviews Shifu

The Warrior Monk Who Brought Kung Fu to America.


NY1’s Roger Clark paid a visit to the temple

Shaolin Monk in Manhattan Teaches Buddhism Through Martial Arts.


The Gleaner- one of Jamaica’s larges newspapers, visits the USA Shaolin Temple

The Gleaner, one of Jamaica’s oldest newspapers (established in 1834) talks to Shifu Shi Yan Ming about Chan Philosophy.


The Examiner.com Interviews Shifu

Violet Li speaks to Shifu Shi Yan Ming about the history of Action Meditation.


RZA and Boombotix Talk to FastCompany at the USA Shaolin Temple

RZA sat down with Boombotix and Fast Company to answer some questions: WHY DID WU-TANG’S RZA JUST JOIN THIS BLUETOOTH SPEAKER COMPANY?


NY1’s Roger Clark Visits the Temple

As part of NY1’s Asian American Appreciation Month- Roger Clark comes to the USA Shaolin Temple to speak with Shifu. This is 1 part in their series of celebrating Asia American history by taking a look at Asian monks who live, work, and teach in New York.


The Rubin Museum

Shifu Shi Yan Ming talks at The Rubin Museum as part of their Brainwave 2015 series- the Attachment Trap.


Brooklyn School of Collaborative Studies Visits the Temple for a Kung Fu Class

A bunch of teens take a Kung Fu class. And show each other, and themselves that they understand Chan Philosophy.


Kung Fu Demo and Kids class at the South Street Seaport

The Demo Team kicks in the new year of the goat with the neighborhood kids at the South Street Seaport!


Shifu Welcomes the Lake Forest Country Day School

Want to learn something about Chinese culture? Welcome to the USA Shaolin Temple where Chan philosophy can give you an in site into all human culture.


Shifu’s Birthday Celebration 2015

On Valentines Day we celebrated Shifu’s birthday!


Chinese New Year Celebration at the United Nations

Celebrating Chinese New Year at the United Nations.


USA Shaolin Temple Celebrates 20 Years

A 1500 year old tradition of thought, belief, and philosophy celebrates 20 more years in New York City.


Chinese Newspaper- World Journal features the USA Shaolin Temple

One of China’s leading newspapers, features the USA Shaolin Temple in an article about Chinese martial arts.


Mexico Shaolin Temple Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary and Seminar

Shifu Shi Yan Ming celebrates the 10 year Mexico Temple anniversary with a seminar, fireworks, and broadsword form.


Corporate Sports Event- Add a little Shaolin To your Life!

Got the right workout outfit? Check. Ate a healthy breakfast? Check. Ready to push yourself and reach that goal? Check. Now add some Shaolin philosophy and take it to the next level!


The Hudson Project- Free Kung Fu Class!

The Hudson Project was a 3 day outdoors concert. There is NOTHING like training kung fu in the mud, then grabbing some beer and brats, and then rocking out to Kendrick Lamar and Moby all on the same day! More Chi!!!


Blessing Ceremony Held at the New Shaolin Temple Mayan Riviera

Shifu Shi Yan Ming and the Shaolin Temple Mexico held a blessing ceremony at the new Shaolin Temple Mayan Riviera exactly 8 years after Shifu first set foot on Mexican soil.


Shaolin Temple Mexico Celebrates 8 Year Anniversary at Annual Retreat

This year’s retreat coincided with the 8-year anniversary of the Shaolin Temple Mexico. The retreat was attended by over 190 participants, and the students of the Temple gave an immeasurably exciting performance.


Method Man Shoots Built For This Music Video at the USA Shaolin Temple

On Wednesday, September 5th, Method Man ft. Freddie Gibbs and Streetlife shot the music video for the single “Built For This” off the upcoming Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack.


Training Starts at the New Temple with the Shaolin Summer Camp

After two years of kung-struction, the USA Shaolin Temple’s new 80-acre branch in Fleischmanns, NY finally began full operation and hosted the first ever Shaolin Summer Camp.


Upcoming – Annual Shaolin Retreat in Mexico 2012

The Shaolin Temple Mexico’s annual retreat with Shifu Shi Yan Ming will take place from October 18th-21st at the Benedictine monastery in Cuernavaca.


Shaolin Temple Austria to Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

On September 2nd, 2012, the Shaolin Temple Austria will celebrate its 10th birthday, and is offering free classes leading up to the big day.


Shifu Visits Argentina

Shifu recently visited Argentina to teach several days of seminars with Heng Gang and the Shaolin Temple Argentina.


New Temple Opening Ceremony

On a historic day 1500 years in the making, the USA Shaolin Temple celebrated the Opening Ceremony of the new 80-acre Temple in Fleischmanns, New York.


Temple Students Learn New Styles of Action Meditaton on a day of Urban Dance

It was a day like any other at the Shaolin Temple – students of all ages and backgrounds had come to practice action meditation through movement. Only on this day, it wasn’t the usual combination of kicks, stances, and jumps. Two of the urban dance world’s most renowned practitioners, Jazzy J and Future, had come to share their philosophy with the temple community.


Shaolin Temple Welcomes the Year of the Dragon with a Roar

With thundering drums, intense kung fu, and a variety of musical performances as diverse as the temple itself, the USA Shaolin Temple welcomed the year of the Dragon and celebrated Shifu Shi Yan Ming’s birthday, which falls on the lunar new year.


USA Shaolin Temple Announces Opening Ceremony of Catskills Branch

On Saturday, May 5th, 2012, the USA Shaolin Temple will be hosting the opening ceremony of the 80.88 acre Catskills branch in Fleischmanns, NY.


The Shaolin Family Grows Again at the 2011 Disciple Ceremony

On a wonderfully clear, crisp day in the early fall, a group gathered at the USA Shaolin Temple to celebrate life in a most fantastic way. It was the day of the annual Disciple Ceremony. Every year the roots of the USA Shaolin Temple tree grow deeper and stronger, the branches spreading and growing more beautiful all the time.


Shifu Interviewed by NYorkers.com

Shifu was interviewed for NYorkers.com, a website that celebrates New York’s diversity and highlights what it means to be a New Yorker.


The Shaolin Temple Gets Down at the Dance Till You Drop Fundraiser

World-famous dancer Brian “Footwork” Green recently led an all-day dance seminar at the Temple. The philosophy expressed by Brian and the other teachers was a perfect mirror of that practiced at the temple – the combination of physical and mental – and the importance of expressing oneself.


Laughter and Tears at the Shaolin Poetry Night

One of Shifu’s oldest disciples, Heng Fo, returned to the Temple from his home in Chicago for the first time in many years to share some love at the Temple’s first Poetry Night fundraiser. With additional performances by Vadim Galperin and the Temple’s demo team, it was a night full of expression and emotion like no other.


Shifu Visits the Dominican Republic For the First Time

Shifu’s first trip to the Dominican Republic was a spectacular event featuring an amazing seminar as well as meetings with politicians and media figures.


Shaolin Temple Mexico Retreat 2011

The Shaolin Temple Mexico’s annual retreat with Shifu Shi Yan Ming was the most exciting yet. The retreat, which brings together in friendship the entire Chinese martial arts community of Mexico, was attended by students from all over both that country and the world.


Roadtrip Nation visits the Temple

Several youths from Roadtrip Nation visited the USA Shaolin Temple to try a class and interview Shifu Shi Yan Ming. Their philosophy of “Defining your own road in life instead of traveling down someone else’s” is echoed strongly in Shifu’s message of honestly expressing yourself fully in life.


Upcoming Seminar in the Dominican Republic

On July 29th and 30th, Shifu Shi Yan Ming will lead the first ever Shaolin Chan Philosophy or Action Meditation seminar in the Dominican Republic.


Mexico Retreat 2011 – Register Now!

Get ready to train like a Shaolin Monk!!! The Shaolin Temple Mexico will be hosting its annual retreat on July 7-10, 2011. Shifu Shi Yan Ming will be leading classes in Shaolin action meditation or Chan philosophy: Kung Fu, Taiji Quan, and Qigong.


Special Disciple Ceremony Coincides with New Temple Construction

The weekend of May 7th was an exciting one for students and disciples of both the USA Shaolin Temple and the Zen Dragon School of Martial Arts. In addition to being the first weekend teams were going to help with construction of the new Shaolin Temple in upstate New York, a special disciple ceremony was held for the master of the Zen Dragon School, David Bowers, now known by the dharma name Shi Heng Ji.


Next Phase of Construction on Upstate Temple to Begin in May

For the entire month of May, a core team will be up full time working on the Temple, with teams heading up on weekends from the city to help.


Shifu Proudly Pronounced the Handsome Couple Husband and Wife

Shifu recently received the honor of officiating the marriage of his disciple Heng Neng (Daniel Weiner) and Ioana Alfonso. The lovely couple celebrated their union on what could have been just another beautiful sun-filled day in Puerto Rico.


Temple Disciples lead Chan Seminar in Mexico

In March 2011, Temple disciples Shi Heng Zhi and Shi Heng Xian traveled to the Shaolin Temple Mexico to give a seminar in Chan philosophy.


Shifu Shi Yan Ming leads Seminar at Zen Dragon School of Martial Arts

On February 12th, Shifu Shi Yan Ming and a small group of disciples traveled to Chambersburg, PA to reconnect with Master David Bowers and the Zen Dragon School of Martial Arts. The seminar was attended by over 100 students.


Temple Celebrates Shifu’s Birthday 2011

What a party! The USA Shaolin Temple’s hugest celebration of the year was amazing this year. Thanks to all of the students and disciples who made it so beautiful!


PBS interviews Shi Yan Ming for Upcoming Documentary

PBS recently interviewed Shifu Shi Yan Ming at the USA Shaolin Temple for their upcoming documentary, “The Black Kung Fu Experience”, set to air in Spring of 2012.


Announcing: The USA Shaolin Temple Online Store

We are proud to announce the launch of the USA Shaolin Temple Online Store. We want to thank you for shopping at the USA Shaolin Temple Online Store by offering you Shaolin Beads. These beads can be used to pray for world peace, love and respect. The first 88 orders over $88 will receive Shaolin Beads. (Offer good until Christmas of 2010).


Korea’s Arirang TV Films Segment at USA Shaolin Temple

Arirang TV, Korea’s global TV station, recently filmed a segment for their show “Dream It: You are the next generation” at the USA Shaolin Temple highlighting award-winning concert pianist and martial artist Elaine Kwon.


USA Shaolin Temple’s Autumn Construction Phase Complete

Fom September 12th to October 17th, students and disciples from the USA Shaolin Temple traveled upstate to put their hands, hearts, and minds together to begin building the new Shaolin Temple in Fleischmanns.


Double Happiness: Blessing the Land and Disicple Ceremony 2010

Just one week after the USA Shaolin Temple received the deed for the New Temple, celebration was in order. This year, the Temple’s annual disciple ceremony was relocated from the Manhattan Temple to the upstate Temple, held in conjunction with the blessing of the new land. Double Happiness!


USA Shaolin Temple buys land in Upstate New York

On September 3rd, 2010, Shifu Shi Yan Ming received the deed to 80.88 acres of land in Middletown, Deleware County, New York, that will become the permanent home of Chan Philosophy or Shaolin martial arts in the United States.


Reflections on Return to China 2010

There are certain experiences that can define and shape the rest of one’s life. For 14 disciples and students of the USA Shaolin Temple, the Return to Shaolin 2010 trip was one of them. The group spent 18 days in China’s Henan province, visiting the Shaolin Temple and training martial arts at the Shaolin Wenwu School.


Casting Call: Friday, Aug 27th @10 at the Doubletree Hotel NJ

If you missed the first audition, here’s your chance. Mr. Wesley Snipes is holding another casting call for the feature film entitled “MASTER DADDY” at the Doubletree Hotel in New Jersey.


Casting Call: Friday, August 20th @ 10AM

Mr. Wesley Snipes is holding auditions for upcoming feature film entitled “Master Daddy” at the USA Shaolin Temple.


Shifu Shi Yan Ming featured on History Channel

Shifu Shi Yan Ming will be featured on an upcoming episode of Stan Lee’s “Superhumans” on the History Channel.


Return to Shaolin 2010

Join Shifu Shi Yan Ming and the USA Shaolin Temple for an unforgettable 3 weeks in China.

Shifu Shi Yan Ming Returns to Mexico

July 2010, Templo Shaolin Mexico invited Shifu Shi Yan Ming back to host two events.


Mexico 2010: Two Events in Two Cities

The Shaolin Temple Mexico, branch of the USA Shaolin Temple, is hosting two events of Chan Philosophy: Gongfu (Kung Fu), Taiji (Tai Chi), Qigong (Chi Kung) in Guadalajara on July 16 – 18 and in Mexico City on July 22 – July 25, 2010.


The USA Shaolin Temple Gong Rings at the High Line

Stephen Vitiello, a musician and sound artist, visited the USA Shaolin Temple to record the sounds of the different bells and gongs for his sound installation at the High Line, “A Bell for Every Minute”. Head over to the High Line and listen for the USA Shaolin Temple’s gong.


Shifu Shi Yan Ming Leads a Seminar in Barbados

On Thursday, June 3rd, Shifu Shi Yan Ming and one of his students from the USA Shaolin Temple traveled to Bridgetown, Barbados to conduct a seminar and spread Shifu’s message of peace, love, and self-understanding.


Mexico Branch Visits Home at the USA Shaolin Temple

On May 22, Shi Heng Yi of the Templo Shaolin Mexico brought 18 of his students to visit their home in New York, the USA Shaolin Temple.


Shifu Shi Yan Ming Leads Seminar at Full Circle Martial Arts Academy

This last Saturday, April 10th, Shifu Shi Yan Ming and several of his disciples and students from the USA Shaolin Temple visited the Full Circle Martial Arts Academy in Glenn Dale, Maryland to lead a seminar in Shaolin Chan Philosophy or Martial Arts.


Shifu’s Birthday Celebration 2010

Shifu’s birthday celebration was what Heng Ru (Bokeem Woodbine) described as, “consistently the best party I will attend all year.”


New RZA Movie Starring Shifu Shi Yan Ming

Wu-Tang vs The Golden Phoenix is an upcoming production by The RZA featuring Shifu Shi Yan Ming and an all-star cast.

Columbus Day Shaolin Retreat: St. Josaphat’s Monastery October 9 – 11 2009

On Columbus Day weekend live the life of a Shaolin Warrior Monk. Train in the over 1500 years of traditional Shaolin Temple martial arts or Chan Buddhism. Eat, breathe, and sleep Shaolin at the historic St. Josaphat’s Monastery located on over 100 acres of ancient Long Island forest.


9th Annual Disciple Ceremony

The USA Shaolin Temple recently celebrated the addition of 8 new members to the Shaolin Family in the 9th Annual Disciple Ceremony.


2009 Annual Retreat in Mexico Temple

Shaolin Temple Mexico hosted the 3rd annual retreat at the Monastery of the Benedictine located in Cuernavaca.


Celebration of the life of Eric Williams, Shi Heng Mi

On June 6th 2009, students and disciples came together to celebrate the life of Eric Steven Williams ( Shi Heng Mi ).


Mexico City Retreat July 2009

Train Like the Legendary Shaolin Warrior Monks! Shifu Shi Yan Ming will be conducting a three day intensive retreat in Upstate Mexico City, Friday July 31st – Sunday August 2nd, 2009.


Warrior Monk Retreat In Jamaica

The USA Shaolin Temple hosted the first ever Warrior Monk retreat outside of the US at the Negril Escape Resort and Spa in Negril, Jamaica from April 5th through the 11th.



Shifu Shi Yan Ming will be leading a 2 day seminar in the Netherlands of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung, and Chan Buddhism philosophy.


New Temple Fundraiser Event in March

On Saturday, March 7th, 2009, the USA Shaolin Temple will be hosting a fundraiser for the New Temple Campaign.


National Geographic films Documentary about Shi Yan Ming

National Geographic recently released a documentary, titled “Kung Fu Monk” about Shifu Shi Yan Ming. It gives a detailed, in depth look at Shifu’s life as well as the classes and students of the USA Shaolin Temple. The video is available on youtube in five parts.


New Wu-Tang Album: Soundtracks from the Shaolin Temple

Features a 90 page photobook with rare photos of the RZA on his first pilgrimage to the Shaolin Temple with 34th Generation Shaolin Monk, Shifu Shi Yan Ming.


Return to Shaolin 2008

The USA Shaolin Temple contingent departed New York on September 13, 2008 on Air China flight 981 to Beijing. 21 disciples and students accompanied Shifu on this pilgrimage to China.


Memorial Day Weekend Retreat

The USA Shaolin Temple’s second bi-annual Warrior Monk Retreat unfolded once again at St. Josaphat’s Monastery in Glen Cove Long Island with a full house of excited participants and amazing weather. Retreatants began arriving at the Monastery from countries such as Vienna, London, the Netherlands, and also from states as far away as Washington State.


Shaolin Retreat: May 23rd – 25th, 2008

Thank you for your interest in the Shaolin Warrior Monk Retreat. Please visit the news section of our website (www.usashaolintemple.org) or the photo galleries section of our Myspace profile (www.myspace.com/usashaolintemple) to see photos from our last retreat and get a sense of the grounds where we will be training and living.


Shaolin Retreat – May 23rd-25th

Information for our upcoming retreat.


Shaolin Kung Fu of China

A book that documents the old Shaolin Temple in China, where Shi Yan Ming grew up.


Temple Relocates to 446 Broadway

The USA Shaolin Temple would like to announce the successful move to a new location: 446 Broadway 2nd floor.


New Temple Location New York

The USA Shaolin Temple Relocates to 446 Broadway 2nd Floor. The new Temple location is just blocks away from our last home, which closed its doors on November 30th, 2006.


Shifu Shi Yan Ming Teaches a Seminar in Austria

Shifu Shi Yan Ming visited the Shaolin Temple Austria, a branch of the USA Shaolin Temple, to teach a seminar in Shaolin Kung Fu or Chan Philosophy.


Shifu Shi Yan Ming Teaches A Seminar in Austria

Shifu Shi Yan Ming visited the Shaolin Temple Austria, a branch of the USA Shaolin Temple, to teach a seminar in Shaolin Kung Fu or Chan Philosophy.


Seminar in Mexico October 2006

Seminar in Mexico October 2006: Seminar in Chen Style Tai Chi and Chi Gung.


Sixth Annual Disciple Ceremony

On September 10th 2006 was the 6th annual disciple ceremony at the USA Shaolin Temple.


Red Doors Film


Book Signing Long Island

Book Signing August 11th at Barnes & Noble in Long Island.


Barnes and Nobles Book Signing Santa Monica CA

The Barnes and Nobles bookstore in Santa Monica hosted a book signing and lecture on August 9th 2006.


Shi Yan Ming Los Angeles Tour August 2006

From August 4th through August 10th 2006, Shifu Shi Yan Ming toured Los Angeles.


Seminar at Bala Yoga. Los Angeles. August 6th 2006

Shifu Shi Yan Ming gave a seminar at a prominent yoga studio Bala Yoga in Los Angeles.


Imix Bookstore – Book Signing and Dicussion

Shifu Shi Yan Ming presented his book Shaolin Workout at the Imix bookstore in Los Angeles on August 6th 2006.


Seminar at Academia Semillas Del Pueblo

The academy takes a less traditional approach to education by introducing subjects such as Tai Chi and Mandrin to elementary school students. Shifu Shi Yan Ming was invited by the Academy to teach a seminar at the school’s open house celebration.


Divine Forces Radio Show. August 4th 2006

On August 4th 2006, Shifu Shi Yan Ming was featured on a live radio show in Los Angeles radio station program called “Divine Forces”.


Seminar for Red Bull Beat Riders

On day 4 of the Red Bull Beat Riders week long dance intensive, Shifu Shi Yan Ming gave a three hour long seminar on Action Meditation or Chan Philosophy.


WB 11 News Channel Feature

The feature was shown on July 4th 2006 on the WB network NYC.


Seminar in Mexico City – June 6 – 12th 2006

Shifu Shi Yan Ming traveled to Mexico City to teach a seminar on Shaolin Chan Philosophy or martial arts on June 6th through June 12th 2006. This seminar was one of many seminars hosted by the USA Shaolin Temple and, it’s branch, Shaolin Temple Mexico.


New Temple. New Life. Celebration

Celebration to help raise funds to build the permanent location for the Shaolin Temple.


The Shaolin Workout Booksigning at Barnes and Noble

Shifu Shi Yan Ming will be exhibiting his book THE SHAOLIN WORKOUT: 28 Days to Transforming Your Body and Soul the Warriors Way by Rodale Books, at Barnes and Noble Astor Place on May 24th at 7pm.


Demo Team Performs at Tribeca Film Festival, May 2006

The USA Shaolin Temple Demo Team performs at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival in May 2006.


Seminar April 25th 2006, Global Citizens High School Outward Bound

On Tuesday April 25th 2006, New York City Outward Bound brought a group of 19 eighth graders from Hawkens School in Clevland Ohio came to take a seminar at the USA Shaolin Temple to learn about Shaolin Chan Philosophy or Action Meditation.


Seminar April 26th 2006, NYC Outward Bound

On April 26th 2006 the USA Shaolin Temple hosted another seminar in conjunction with the New York City Outward Bound program. This seminar enabled 19 eighth graders who were visiting NYC from Ohio to experience authentic Shaolin Martial Arts or Chan Philosophy. Many on these eighth graders have never experienced martial arts before or heard about the Shaolin Temple.


The Warriors’s Workout

“The Warriors’s Workout”, a book by Shi Yan Ming, 28 Days To Transforming Your Body and Soul The Shaolin Kung Fu Way.


Shifu Shi Yan Ming tours Chile from January 26th to Febrary 4th 2006

Shifu Shi Yan Ming visited 5 cities on his trip to Chile: Santiago, Vina del Mar, Valparaiso, Talca, and Temuco. The purpose of the tour was to promote authentic Shaolin martial arts or Chan Buddhism through seminars that were open to the public.


The Temple Is Everywhere

For the people who have traveled here and then returned to their respective country or state, Please remember that the Temple is always open to your return and that it will always be present in your heart no matter where you are.


The Shaolin Workout : 28 Days to Transforming Your Body and Soul the Warrior’s Way

The most handsome Shifu in the world has just published a book on basic Shaolin training fundamentals. This book is the first of its kind.


Shaolin in Trinidad Train-Harder-dad

December 1st-6th 2005. 35th Generation U.S.A. Shaolin Temple Disciple Shi Heng Guo in cooperation with the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs of Trinidad and Tobago, extended an invitation to Shaolin Monk Shi Yan Ming, founding Abbot of the USA Shaolin Temple, to visit Trinidad and Tobago in order to establish Heng Guo’s kung fu school as a new branch of the U.S.A. Shaolin Temple.


2005 Discipleship


Three Day Seminar in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Shifu Shi Yan Ming will visit his disciple Heng Yi in Cuernavaca for a three day seminar Oct 21-23.


Shi Yan Ming at US Naval Academy at Annapolis

USA Shaolin Temple Abbot Shi Yan Ming makes history: US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Professor Shannon French’s course, “The Code of the Warrior” features a survey of warrior cultures throughout the world.


Baby Leopard Fist Seminar

Baby Leopard Fist Seminar raises green chi in support for the Capital Campaign!


Tony Jaa visits the USA Shaolin Temple

Tony Jaa visits the USA Shaolin Temple during his US premiere of Ong Bak. A new action star is born!


Demo Team performs at Ong Bak premiere

USA Shaolin Temple performs at premiere of Ong Bak along with Tony Jaa in New York City.


One Step Beyond – Discovery Channel

One Step Beyond is a Discovery Channel 2005 documentary on “super humans,” which features Shaolin master, Shi Yan Ming.


Demo Team Performs at Wu Tang Clan Reunion Concert

The USA Shaolin Temple Demo Team performed at the Wu-Tang Clan’s “Disciples of the 36 Chambers” Reunion Concert.


Harvard Dharma Talk

Shifu Shi Yan Ming made history when he became the first Shaolin Monk to speak at Harvard University.


Heng Yi Visits Mexico Branch of the USA Shaolin Temple


Disciple Ceremony

The USA Shaolin Temple’s 4th Disciple Ceremony.


The Filming of Red Doors

Several of Shi Yan Ming’s disciples were casted as extras in the upcoming film, Red Doors.


USA Shaolin Temple Visits Baltimore

On April 3, 2004, Sifu Shi Yan Ming traveled to Baltimore with twenty of his disciples and students for a seminar.


Master Shi De Yang Comes for a Visit

Shaolin Temple Monk Shi De Yang came to the United States for a visit. Master De Yang is Shifu Shi Yan Ming’s martial brother, and soon after they met in Shaolin temple they became close friends.


3rd Annual Shaolin Toy Drive

The toys we collected went to kids living in difficult circumstances in hospitals and homes in both NUC and Long Island.


Shaolin in Mexico

Now authentic Shaolin Chan has a home in Mexico and the people there have the opportunity to realize the wonderful life they have been given through the deep philosophy of Shaolin Chan Buddhism and martial arts.


Canadian High School students visit with Shifu Shi Yan Ming

Students Bring a Shaolin Experience Home to Canada.


Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Book: part 2

A book documenting the kung fu of China.